HYDROCHEM has developed powerful mobile hardware to apply its cleaning procedures at our clients’ industrial sites in France and abroad.

Materials for chemical treatments:

Centrifugal pumps of 15-30-50-65-80-100-150-200-750 m3/h
Diesel motor pumps of 45-200 m3/h
Groups for descaling
Steel, stainless steel, PEHD, and PP storage tanks of 1 to 20 m3
All materials for fittings (flanges, valves, fittings …)
Flexible PVC and elastomers in quantity in all standard Ø

Materials for control and measure:camion hydrochem

pH metre
Conductivity metre
Laboratory site (Prolabo)
Wood lamp, spectrophotometer (500 nm)
Millipore laboratory for particle counting (liquid or gas)

Materials for hydraulic cleaning and filtration

Displacement pumps 200 L/min at 53 bars
Displacement pumps 300 L/min at 53 bars
Displacement pumps 450 L/min at 45 bars
Displacement pumps 550 L/min at 53 bars
Centrifugal pumps 1500 L/min at 17 bars
Centrifugal pumps 2600 L/min at 12 bars
Centrifugal pumps 9200 L/min at 6 bars
Stainless steel hydraulic stations from 600 to 3800 Lcapacity
Test pumps 300-500 and 1200 bars
A collection of flexible linkers and hydraulic fittings JIC – SAE CETOP-DIN etc.
Particle counter

Materials for control and measure:

Millipore laboratory (NF48651)
Video microscope
Electronic particle counter
Suitcases for water content tests