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HYDROCHEM has developed powerful mobile hardware to apply its cleaning procedures at our clients’ industrial sites in France and abroad.

Materials for chemical treatments:

Centrifugal pumps of 15-30-50-65-80-100-150-200-750 m3/h
Diesel motor pumps of 45-200 m3/h
Groups for descaling
Steel, stainless steel, PEHD, and PP storage tanks of 1 to 20 m3
All materials for fittings (flanges, valves, fittings …)
Flexible PVC and elastomers in quantity in all standard Ø

Materials for control and measure:

pH metre
Conductivity metre
Laboratory site (Prolabo)
Wood lamp, spectrophotometer (500 nm)
Millipore laboratory for particle counting (liquid or gas)

Materials for hydraulic cleaning and filtration

Displacement pumps 200 L/min at 53 bars
Displacement pumps 300 L/min at 53 bars
Displacement pumps 450 L/min at 45 bars
Displacement pumps 550 L/min at 53 bars
Centrifugal pumps 1500 L/min at 17 bars
Centrifugal pumps 2600 L/min at 12 bars
Centrifugal pumps 9200 L/min at 6 bars
Stainless steel hydraulic stations from 600 to 3800 Lcapacity
Test pumps 300-500 and 1200 bars
A collection of flexible linkers and hydraulic fittings JIC – SAE CETOP-DIN etc.
Particle counter

Materials for control and measure:

Millipore laboratory (NF48651)
Video microscope
Electronic particle counter
Suitcases for water content tests

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