For every problem, there is a solution!


HYDROCHEM is THE partner of the industrial world. With 25 years of experience, we are able to provide a solution to your problems whether in our workshops or on your industrial sites:

On your new installations :

  • Degreasing, pickling and passivation of your stainless steel circuits before commissioning
  • Degreasing, pickling and passivation in oxygen quality of your circuits
  • Stripping passivation of your installations (tanks, autoclaves ...) before commissioning.
  • Deoxidation of your installations
  • Hydraulic flushing before start-up
  • ...

Maintenance on your installations:

  • De-silting of circuits and installations
  • Descaling of circuits and installations
  • Deoxidation and passivation of your circuits and installations
  • Hydraulic depollution
  • Oil depollution, oil filtration
  • Particulate decontamination
  • ...

We are able to intervene without delay, in case of forced shutdown of your installations, and this without limit of distance.

Hydrochem is THE partner for your know-how!!!