HYDROCHEM, specialist in cleaning facilities by chemical processes.

For more than 25 years, our company specialized in the chemical treatment of metals, servicing of facilities and industrial equipment as well as rinsing and hydraulic filtration.

We intervene on ferrous and non-ferrous supports for :

Degreasing of your materials
Cleaning your production or storage units
Descaling of your facilities
Neutro-passivation of steel
Removal of rouging from your facilities
Deoxidation of your installations
Sanitization of your networks
Depollution of hydraulic fluids loads
Hydraulic rinsing
Flushing of your circuits
Particulate decontamination of networks
Tests in pressure
Network tests

Experience, responsiveness and know-how

With 25 years of experience, HYDROCHEM covers almost all industrial activities: food, nuclear, pharmaceutical...

We put our expertise at your service. Whatever the size of your installation and your constraints, we adapt our equipment and put in place appropriate treatment techniques.

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