Particulate decontamination


Keeping your production and distribution facilities, your hot water, cold water and steam networks clean is essential. To limit heat loss, contamination or corrosion, particulate decontamination helps prevent legionellosis.

Particle decontamination consists of eliminating pollutants from a network by high-speed circulation of a rinsing fluid (water, oil, etc.). This fluid is decontaminated by passing through filters whose filtration threshold is established by the required cleanliness class.

Checking the effectiveness of decontamination

Particle decontamination efficiency is checked either continuously by an electronic particle counter (NAS 1638 and ISO 4406 standards) or by a sample analyzed by counting under a microscope (NF 48651 standard).
Hydrochem has several autonomous filtration units adapted to the installations of our customers.

Our decontamination processes are used in compliance with the required standards and specifications.

Decontamination_Particulaire Decontamination_particulaire

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